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In this section I will be asking some questions and then trying to answer them as best as I can, using my theories.


1) How did the werewolf originate?


There are many legends of how the werewolf came into being, some say that the werewolf is a step forward in the evolution of mankind. Some say that it is a step back, reverting back to the beast. The theory that I find most fitting is that lycanthropy is down to a parasitic organism, something like a leech, which infests the bloodstream of its victim. This would then explain how the disease is passed on, whether between true or cursed lycanthropes.


2) How does someone inherit lycanthropy?


Most people know the answer to this already. If someone survives a werewolf attack and is bitten by the werewolf, then the victim of the attack will become infected. Also if someone mates with a werewolf when in its human form, whether male or female then the baby will become infected, more so if the mother was the werewolf. This is then what would be a true lycanthrope.


3) How does one cure the disease?


The answer to this I have mentioned in part two. The five items must be found, then a ritual must take place. This can only work if the disease has not fully set in. It cannot work on true lycanthropes.


4) What does one do if one encounters a werewolf?


Run like the wind, and pray


5) How do you kill a werewolf?


Silver weapons, or enchanted weapons will kill a werewolf, but these creature are very tough, it will take great skill and strength to overcome such a foe.



I hope that you have enjoyed reading this treatise and that it has opened your eyes towards werewolves. I hope that I have made everybody aware of how dangerous these creatures are. And maybe distilled a little hope where there was none before.


May your life be long and peaceful.