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This scroll was sent by Malatac,
Head mage and chief adviser to Clan Sessair

For the attention of
The Lord Arcane at Tower Arcane

I Malatac, head mage of Clan Sessair, having spoken to you recently at the unit head meeting, am now officially requesting apprenticeship into the collegium of the arts. I also enclose a brief history of myself and the role that I play in Clan Sessair.

I have not always been a mage, I started out in life as a farmer, I would probably still be one now if fate had not intervened. My family and I, a wife and two children were on our way to market, with some pigs which we had been fattening on the farm. In the market we sold all the pigs, for around 10 gold pieces. This was a lot of money to the likes of us and we were very pleased with the days trade, and started the journey homewards a little later than usual. Night caught us unawares on the road, so we hastened on, when without warning we were ambushed by a gang of bandits, and I was knocked unconscious. Upon awakening I was forced to watch the rape of my wife and the slaughter of my children. When they had finished their fun their attention turned towards me. Cutting me loose and throwing me a sword they began to play with me, I was no match for them and was quickly overwhelmed and left to die bleeding on the ground, luckily consciousness escaped me quickly, as my life ebbed away.

The next thing I remember is waking up amongst a crowd of people in strange costumes, Barbarians I thought, how could life be so cruel to me. But to my surprise although they indeed were barbarians, they were quite civilized, and even had a druid and a priest amongst them. These I later learned had stumbled upon us quite soon after I had lost consciousness for the second time, and had relatively brought me back from the dead. I also learned that my wife had joined my children in death, and I was overcome with melancholy. I then vowed that I would avenge their murder by eliminating all banditry in the area and if need be further afield. I vowed my eternal gratitude to the people of the Clan Sessair and Ddreigiau Ddywyll and pledged my allegiance to the former group.

After spending some time in the camp of the Sessair I came to know the people well, and joined them in some minor skirmishes with bandits, but did not find the killers of my family. My prowess with the sword did not improve, I found it such a clumsy weapon, and the others such as the axe and cudgel I fared no better with.

It was during one of my many training sessions with the lieutenant of the guards, the half elf name Thirion that I noticed I was being watched by a very old man, of whom I'd scarcely seen around. Noticing my distraction Thirion caught me a shot at the side of my head, taking me to my knees. Groggily I got up to the sound of faint laughter dying away, looking around I found that the old man had disappeared. I was later informed by Thirion after his ranting and raving about keeping my concentration in a fight, that the old man was a powerful mage, whose name was known only to himself.

Later that same evening, whilst sitting around a campfire eating and drinking, I noticed him again. Watching me with those alert hawk like eyes. I believe that when our eyes locked that I heard a voice inside my head, stating, if I can remember it clearly "It's you." Maybe this was just my imagination, I still do not truly know the truth of it.

Later in the week I was called in to see the chief of Clan Sessair Caracatus. Entering his demise I was not entirely shocked to find that the old man was there, deep in conversation with Caracatus. Silence entered the room with me, as all eyes turned towards me. It was then that Caracatus told me of my new destiny, to become a mage, in the apprenticeship of the old man. I was stunned and informed them that I knew absolutely nothing about magic. "You have the potential" I was told by the old man, this was the first time I'd heard him speak and I'll never forget it, it was like very dry paper being crumpled and was full of experience, it sent a shiver down my spine.

From that day in 1093 to the gathering in 1094 I studied hard and was rewarded just before the gathering with the ability to cast second level spells, and also the ability to take part in your ritual circle, which went terribly wrong. I still believe that this disaster was part due to my blundering,

I was dismayed to find that my master would not be attending the gathering this year as he was very sick, and I feared on death's door, however he insisted that I go. On the second night of the gathering I heard the news which I had been dreading. My master had died, I had to leave the gathering and head home immediately, I could not stay, as anguish possessed my soul at this further setback in my life.

Upon my arriving home I discovered that My master had left a scroll locked in a chest underneath his bed, Reading this scroll brought tears to my eyes, he left me in charge of all matters magical in the Clan Sessair. I was to train the junior mages and the dabblers and educate them in the usage of magic. I was also to take over the old man's job as chief counselor to Caracatus. This I feel I am doing well at the moment. My old master informed me also of the new collegium of the arts which was being opened by yourself. He wished me to join up as an apprentice so that I would learn from you what he could no longer teach me.

I have not been quite since the last gathering in '94. I have acquired new members for the Clan Sessair, and am currently advising my leader to contact many of the smaller clans in our lands, to see if they too would join the Clan Sessair under one banner, especially the Dark Dragons, who are our closest allies and neighbours. The united strength of this new clan would be of great advantage to the Dragon faction, as it will have greater unity than if the small clans remained small.

I would also like to point out that I am a member of your ritual circle, and would like to remain so. Not only have I pledged myself to Clan Sessair but I would also like to pledge what ability has been given me, to you. If there is anything that you would wish of me, then for the sake of the Dragon's children, I will endeavour to undertake your wishes.

I know that I said this would be brief but once I get going I find it hard to stop, sorry about that. I hope that you were not too bored reading it. I have only two more things to say. Firstly I am fully committed to our cause and to myself becoming the mage that my old master thought that I could. And secondly.