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Log Of Developments

This log of developments was started on the 23-10-97. It includes information from previous happenings though the dates of these happenings are not accurate.

1994 - The Year Of Adventure

Clan Sessair attend the Gathering for the first time as a recognised Dragon faction unit.

Clan Sessair begin adventuring :-

Swords against the prophecy

The Ravenscar adventure

Quest to Tower Arcane from the Dragon Lands

The Gathering

This had the following repercussions :-

Kerith Loneshadow is fully infected with Lycanthopy & Mortarach Ghilan is mildly infected.

Clan Sessair visit Lord Arcane who accepts the Drow, "Mortarach", into the Dragon faction and also offers the Clan a list of regents for a ritual to rid Kerith of his Lycanthopy with a potion to slow down the effects.

The leader of Clan Sessair, Caracatus, went hunting for his fathers sword and hasn't been seen since.

1995 - The Year Of New Hope

With only one true celtic Sessair member left, Clan Sessair cuts its losses, deband and reform as the more combat orientated "Darkblades"

They adventure for the regents :-

Dark Omens I

The quest for the Green Gem

The Moot

The Gathering

Dragons Blood

Dragons Fest

This had the following repercussions :-

Whilst in Search for the Gem, we met the Arth Gwyn and lost in an honour duel. The Arth Gwyn found we were not a combat unit and decided to capture the Sessair lands whilst we were away.

We obtained a Gem of the Purest green.

Lord Arcane managed to convince Lord Fig to give us some of his blood for the ritual.

At the Moot, Kerith was found washing blood of his hands and was stopped from changing on the second night by Malatac wielding silver and wolves bane.

At Dark Omens, Retch (Familiar to Lord Arcane) fetched us some water from the driest desert.

At Dragons Blood, we bought the skull of a Greater Werewolf with Jazrael bidding against us and went about preparing the ritual for the next day under a full moon. Unfortunatly Jazraels spell had sunk in to far and Kerith decided against the ritual. As promised we returned the skull to Jazael.

At Dragons Blood, the Arth Gwyn pledged themselves to the Dragon Banner meaning we could make no moves to recapture our lands.

At Dragons Blood, an unfortunate brush with "Captain Whippy Headshot the super-orc" left 3 of the Darkblades dead. Keldon Steelarm, Darious Stormfist and Rick O'Shea.

Alton goes missing but is proved a criminal and is outlawed.

1996 - The Year Of Deaths

Dark Omens II

The Moot

The Gathering

This had the following repercussions :-

At Dark Omens II, more deaths were at hand with one among us named 'Yaco' infected with a curse that would have seen him turn into a Shambling Mound had he not commited suicide first and also 2 Darkblades falling foul to the snare like bite of a vampire.

At the Gathering, Mortarach in an attempt to discover the plots of his dark cousins, decides to infultrate the Tarantulans only to discover that Alton is watching him. Mortarach takes the only choice of chasing Alton the outlaw, who was also threatening to inform the Drow of the spy.

1997 - The Year Of Rest

At this time Caracatus was still lost to us, Alton was still at large with Mortarach still in chase.

Dark Omens III

The Gathering

This had the following repercussions :-

At Dark Omens, Malatac represented the Darkblades with a couple of bodyguards and showed the rest no matter what problems the Darkblades have, they can still be trusted to turn up and as a result they recruited one named 'Talbot Of Ispar'.

At the Gathering, Rika Lan acquired a scroll that was used in the large ritual that banished a lot of powerful beings. Lord Arcane took control of the Scroll and in return gave us a priceless relic. The Sword Of King Yargo, which is supposedly contains the power to reunite the peoples of the Dark Dragon Lands.

This Year was the hardest, having found residence in the village of Craig Y Nos, it was time to pick up the pieces and think back to old times.

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