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To Lord Magician Arcane.
At Castle Gorsenydd.

From Malatac,
presently at Graig Goch,
on the Border of the Darklands and Shadow falls.

My Lord.

May I congratulate you on becoming Lord Magician and leader of the Cymrjan Dragons, I pledge myself and my group to you and ask that if there is anything that you need have us do then we will be at your service. I feel that it is my duty to inform you of what has happened to us since the Gathering.

First of all, we arrived home safely and promptly journeyd homewards. Upon entering our lands, rumours were rife about the clan which called themselves the Arth Wyn (White bear), rumours that this clan had increased during the Gathering, both in size and in strength, rumours also that this clan had acquired the respect of many small villages within the region. But we saw nothing of this group.

Time went by and it came to pass that myself and Caracatus would venture forth into Caledonia, whilst the rest of the group would search out the green gem. It was thought that the dwarves would be able to tell us of such a gem, they could even have one themselves that they would like to sell to us, or maybe we could do a favour for them. Anyway I digress.

On our way to Caledonia I was overcome by a strange sensation, I felt that something had gone wrong and that we were needed immedeately. I was not wrong. Upon returning home we discovered that our lands had become under the power of the Arth Gwyn, and our village had been razed to the ground. Shocked by this turn of events we made way to your tower but on the way met up with the adventuring group led by Warmaster Keldon Steelarm, who had been successful on securing the green gem, which is both beautiful and magnificient, are you sure that a gem such as this need be crushed, it seems such a waste.

They told us their story, and how they had heard that Iago ap Gronwy had been killed, which is why the Arth Wyn have risen up and taken control of the Darklands.

Anyway we are currently staying in the village of Graig Goch which lies on the border between the Darkland and Shadow falls. These people have been sympathetic to our cause and will aid us, when the time comes to reclaim our heritage. Keldon seeks to oust the Arth Wyn immedeately, on his own if necessary, but I have managed to calm him down, seeking a more subtle approach. Our time will come again.

Anyway this is not the main purpose of this letter, for now we seek out the blood of the holiest person alive. Having approached the Lady Danuviel at the Gathering, she told us that being an avatar of Danu that she does not bleed. This We do not believe but we dare not go against her wishes. Therefore it is imperative that we get in contact with Lord General Fig, His blood seems to be our only hope. I ask if you know where he is at the moment, if so could you arrange for us to meet with him, or perhaps you could send a messenger to his lordship asking for his aid.

Another thing that troubles me, the matter of Keryth Loneshadow, he is becoming increasingly difficult to control, he is quick to anger, and if it wasn't for my quick intervention he would surely have attacked Keldon, maybe even have killed him. He is looked after night and day, we dare not leave this elf out of our sight for an instant.

I have also been thinking about the werewolves and their leader Jazrael. Apparently he turned up during the quest for the gem and had a few things to say to the party. My thoughts are, why does he not kill the party and take Keryth and Mort with him, is this man truly an evil being or is he just being persecuted by us humans. I am aware that he is a very itimidating person and an extremely powerful being, but after talking with different people regarding the werewolves and how their representative was murdered by I think it was Lord Owain Caradog, at the 1st Dragon fest. have we not brought on the wrath of this mighty being down upon ourselves. Maybe these creatures are the children of Gaea, and guardians of the forest. Why would Jazrael appear so far away from his home in Ravenscar, is he following us, does he feel pain when we secure Keryth on the nights of the full moon, if so why hasn't he done anything. The next time he shows up I will attempt to talk with this being, perhaps I may be able to appeal to the good side of his nature and talk him into surrendering his link with Keryth so that he may be cured. But then again I may be mistaken, I would like to hear your views on this, as I would Cullen Lochan's.

I am sorry to inform you that Caracatus is no longer with us, he has disappeared, how long for I do not know, until that time I have taken it upon myself, with the blessing of Keldon to take command of our group, no longer called Sessair as I feel it would be a slight to the name to take up such a proud designation. Therefore we are now to be known as the Darkblades.